There was a need to sort the columns of the table, and the way Drag & Drop. Has anyone come across ready-made solutions?

  • draggable and [sortable]( in jquery ui watched? - Crasher
  • Of course. But it can be used to sort the maximum columns of each row, not the columns of the table. - Indifferent

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Here, something sketched similar to the truth . There is no time to go deep, so it's dirty, although it would be possible to come up with a more original way. There are already two of them in Bosko, but it’s necessary to do some work with your work))

  • I thought of a similar crutch yesterday but still convinced the customer that he didn’t need it ...) Thanks anyway ...) - Indifferent not?

  • Sorts only rows, and it is necessary to sort the columns. - Indifferent
  • @ Indifferent if they do not answer, in the evening glowing. - lampa