Hello. I connected to the server, executed the query, go through all the values ​​via ResultSet :: rs-> next (). Everything works as a whole.

How can I find out the number of lines without sorting? I know about "select count (*) ...", but this is absolutely not the case. I need to know the number of rows in the already returned query.

Result :: rs-> getNumArrayRows () returns 0, always.

I work through OCCI, compile GCC in Ubuntu 12.04

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    It seems to be impossible.

    Now, if you could use a bunch of PL / SQL and your functionality in C ++, it would be cool ... And Google said, it is possible:

    Those. what is the solution. Filling the so-called. arrays are executed on the Oracle server through cursors and collections, select not used . The collection / array has a count property, which, in the OCCI interpretation, seems to be an attribute of ATTR_NUM_ELEMENTS . Here you could use it if you rewrote the existing functionality.