They invite you to be a technical engineer or a sysadmin in a school and college of arts. The school pays more, so I think there. Maybe someone has experience in school, tell me what knowledge and skills are needed. What technologies, what types of local area networks are commonly used in schools? Where to read how to manage them? Immediately I say, the OS is windows Xp, computers are crap, it's unclear why they bought a fresh Casper for 3 years ahead.

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    IMHO better join art than to the group of agroschool children. although often such problems with the "Windows" are solved as follows: password for BIOS + automatic loading via the network + formatting of disks (drive C) + replication of the image on the computer. - jmu

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If this is a regular school, then you need to be able to solve problems:

  1. "Oh, there is something the computer does not turn on" ...
  2. "Oh, I can't do that." ...
  3. "Oh, and the printer does not want to print" ...
  4. "Oh, and there is no Internet" ...

Well, everything like that. Problems with the OS, with programs, with computers as such, with peripherals, setting up new jobs.

    Temper your nerves in the summer - they will come in handy when you eliminate the consequences of the tricks of “advanced” students.

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      In order to avoid wasting the summer, it suffices to consider the system of separation of rights and network architecture. It is clear that to put XP with the standard settings - skull, because Kids will immediately receive administrator rights and will be full of fun. In the school that I graduated, we had a tricky one at all - DOS loading on the grid, each user has his own mounted network drive and a shared read-only mode with programs. For Windows, this is difficult to do, but you can at least give the children maximum user rights. And to make images of winchesters for fast recovery. - gecube
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      And, you can also install Linux and use virtualization technologies. - gecube
    • And we were blocked by Windows with some kind of unhealthy prog, I don’t remember the name, but yes, “read only”. Nevertheless, for some reason, the pascal rather calmly created a batch file and shoved it into autoload ... The prog was removed the next day, because only the teacher's PC was launched. In general, the advice is practical and I will add - there is no protection from a fool) Only from the lazy) - Sh4dow
    • I agree with the gecube (we once had something similar too). More among the listed skills .. Well .. I don’t know about you, but as far as I know, it’s not a bad thing to own office applications at a certain level, since teachers (as well as students) have problems. + if there are computer science / web design contests there, then it would be nice to be able to install apache + php + mysql. Little things, but still ... Well, and so in general, everything else is already something how you can fit under the above criteria. - Programmer

    I have experience in school, you will spoil a huge amount of nerve and + to all this you will be faced with such stupid problems that any preschooler would cope with:
    I had such cases:
    - speakers do not work
    - The driver flew off
    - the start has become great
    - The panels in the office disappeared