When executing CP, sometimes this error occurs:

SQL> CALL MY_PROC(); CALL MY_PROC() * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00936: отсутствует выражение ORA-06512: на "MY_USER.MY_PROC", line 22 ORA-06512: на "MY_USER.MY_PROC", line 192 ORA-06512: на "MY_USER.MY_PROC", line 224 

There is nothing special about the code:

 ... 192 update_val_proc(l_id, l_time, l_key, l_code, l_type, l_price, l_no); ... 193 loop_through_table_proc(327746); 224 write_log('done.'); ... 

It is strange that on the same input data CP sometimes works without errors, and sometimes gives this error. How to display additional information about the error?

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    ORA-06512 is actually not an error but a message about the trace of the error stack.

    The error is ORA-00936 - as a rule, this is due to the fact that one of the fields is null where it is not supposed to.