Please, who can explain why they say that it is impossible to install Windows xp after Windows 7 was installed. The xp image was not created. They say that she can not read 7. Is that so? I have Win 7 worth it. I want to put xp. She then put, but hangs heavily.

  • I did not understand something. So you can put xp if you melted 7? I was told that they can not put xp. Especially if I did not save her image, so that I could roll back as it were. I put it, not the original of course. Maybe this original can not be put? - Modern

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There is one problem - you can lose the 7-ku (in the sense you can not boot into it) - because in 7-ke, a different boot loader is used. Therefore, it is recommended to put first XP then 7. If the 7-ka is no longer needed. It is advisable to reformat the installation partitions ... (perhaps - re-create, because 7-ka creates an additional boot partition of 100MB which XP is not needed ...)

    You can’t run the XP installation from Win 7, but installing via BIOS doesn’t matter what you have there, 7, 9, 9, Lynkus, Fryah, Mac doesn’t matter, the bootloader does its job - the installer starts from the right place (CD, Flash ...) Then the installation itself will offer you a disk where you can put the system, preferably format it, and then everything will be ok.

      Better yet, put XP on a virtual machine - there is such a mode Windows XP Mode - it works very fast and takes up as many hard drives as needed

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        In addition to XP mode, (which, among other things, is not supported by all processors — only those that support hardware virtualization — he himself encountered ...) you can use VMWare Player — the new versions have support for the so-called unite (?) Mode — almost the same that provides XP mode. In addition, since XP mode uses “remote desktop connection”, (like, RDP), some things are not available - for example, try running a 3D game in XP mode ... In VMWare, there is no such flaw (as far as I understand) .. . - gote
      • Yes, I see you a pervert - run a 3D game on a virtual machine. After all, you will not have a virtual machine on ubunt? - so what's the problem to run it on 7ke? Especially problems with performance will be on any virtualization system. VMWare - I do not recommend it because many services are loaded when the host OS starts up - it will respectively slow down the OS load and additionally eat memory - LackOfKnowledge
      • 2alvin. um What you are soon for conclusions, however. Are you sure I'm not a developer? I, for example, systematically have the need to test a 3D application under one or another OS. So maybe I make a cut sausage from my hard drive? - Type XP / Vista / 7 / Ubuntu / Slackware / RedHat / ...;) Yes, and reboot every time ... - gote

      And I made it a lot easier ... Windows7 starts and then WindowsXP or vice versa! !!! And with Windows7 you need to edit the boot file with the help of EasyBCD 2.0 ... elementary program with an intuitive interface !!!

        Well, as far as I know, this story went about whist, when it appeared and began to be massively installed on computers and laptops. Many people were somehow not very happy about this and tried to install their favorite and familiar pirated build of Windows XP instead of licensed whists =)

        And instead of IDE-drives they started to install SATA at the same time, for which there was no driver in the standard Windows XP installer and, accordingly, she did not see the disk. People, without thinking twice, explained it with magic and with the fact that Vista was harmful, evil, a witch and burn it, because it prevents to put XP.

        XP doesn’t care enough what was in front of it) And if the drivers are OK (and now it’s not a fact - someone for the new equipment doesn’t make drivers for XP), then everything will be fine and it will work.

        • if he wants to delete 7k and put XP then yes, and if he puts in parallel, then 7ka will not be seen at boot time. At that time, at least GRUB should be installed - LackOfKnowledge
        • Well, the question was not in this - what to put in what sequence =) And yes, it will not be seen. But this is all perfectly corrected by the relevant teams =) - Alexey Sonkin