Hello! The task is client-server application. The client sends the string - the path to the file on the server. The server accepts this line, searches for this file and sends it to the client block by block. What are the functions to search for a file along the way?

  • If the path is already given, it remains only to open the file by it. - igumnov 2:01
  • and how to divide the file into blocks to send to the server? - AnnaHatiko
  • Then it will have to glue it on the server. - igumnov 2:19
  • Well, yes, just send by block is necessary, the client transmits the block size too. Is there any function to divide a file into blocks? - AnnaHatiko
  • one
    And why bounce around the file? Usually in such tasks the client asks either the entire file from a given block, or the interval of blocks. Opened, once positioned, then read the block - pass, read the next ... and so on. - avp