Used tools Delphi 7, DBD DB type Paradox. There is a database with the fields ID, name, registration date, end date. For example, 1 Fox 02.10.2011 10.03.2012, that is, the product expires in a year. The bottom line is that after a year there was a countdown in time from moment to end, pop-up messages such as the expiration date expired. I honestly have no idea how this is done, I know that the timer component is used.

Thank you in advance.

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    @Pavel Borshchev, According to the rules of the forum, questions should not be reduced to the decision or the completion of the training tasks for students. Please clarify what you have done yourself and what did not work out. Now you go in the opposite direction and put pressure on pity. - karmadro4

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Dear @Pavel Borshchev ,

  1. Still, you need to correct the grammar, because the person is squeamish, and not everyone will read such nonsense and understand your cuneiform writing.
  2. Now to the point (it sounded so painful): Builder provides the ability to create Calculated Fields in the interface. These fields are not contained in the database tables and are virtual. They are filled at the time of the request (but not mentioned in its text). After the next cursor advance, the OnCalcFields event occurs, into the handler of which the code is inserted, which provides a comparison of the current date and the expiration date. If today's more, then this field can be filled with a suitable line and, even, paint over it with some disturbing color.

Good luck. "Studying well is easier than bad!"

  • As for the grammar, you are right, I will consider it in the future. And thanks for the answer. I will understand what and how. - Pavel Borschev