A stroke appears when you click on an imput (it is placed above the diva with an imitation of a beautiful checkbox). I wrote outline:0;:focus{outline: 0;} - did not help.

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Any stroke can be removed)

 input {outline:none;} 

The same technique removes the stroke with a dotted line around the clicked link and around any of the form elements.

  • {outline: none;} does not work on IE6-7 - makregistr
  • outline: none; border: none; - Sh4dow

The best solution that removes the highlight of any elements:

 /* Remove outline on the forms and links */ :active, :hover, :focus { outline: 0; outline-offset: 0; } 

    as an option

     { outline:none; } 
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      Below 4 answers about the outline: none , I think the author of the question noticed them :)) - Arthur

    Also onFocus="this.blur()" .

    • nothing can be hung on the elements, you need to do a tsssom - makregistr
    • And a separate javascript is impossible? You can connect the script and hang the events on the necessary input'y. And under what browser does the stroke interfere? - ling
    • Yes, the script helped to cope with firefox and IE8, only now in IE6-7 a stroke appears around the label tag, and how to remove it - makregistr
    • All I can offer is to transfer the focus to some other element. Something like this (using jQuery): $ ('checkbox, label'). Focusin (function () {$ ('# dummy'). Focus ();}); - ling

    There is no way to physically remove the stroke, the browser draws it itself. In fact, it can be minimized if the element A has a style not of display: block, but of display: inline. At the same time it will not affect the active area, but this is a bad option. It is best to make the element A on top of the entire inscription, then it will not cover anything and will look great.

    • Unfortunately display: inline does not help, and it is impossible over the inscription, they want it to not exist at all, to the same in this place there are checkboxes at the top that are not circled and work fine, but these radiobuttons are circled everywhere even in firefox - makregistr

    outline: none; and all

      I had such a problem. I just did this:

       input {outline: 0 !important;} 

        If using Bootstrap, then box-shadow may be used.

        Try to put box-shadow: none;

          Try to put box-shadow: none; I had such a problem. I just did that with Bootstrap.

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